How2use this site / process & indemnity

Step 1: Browse the venues by holding your cursor over the VENUES/COUNTRY/REGION menu tab and drill down to your region of interest for your camp.

Step 2: Note the regions & or venue “CODES” that you would like quotes from

Step 3: Click the   ENQUIRE / REQUEST QUOTE menu

Step 4: Complete as many fields & detail as possible on the enquiry form. This enables us to forward your enquiry to the suppliers most closely matched with your desired destination, requirements budget & expected standards. Enter the CAPTACHA at the bottom of the form and click the SUBMIT button (NB: Please be careful to enter your email  address CORRECTLY as all further quotes & correspondence /relies on your correct email address!)

Step 5: Timing, you will instantly receive an email copy of your submission but it may take a day or few before you receive quotes directly from the relevant venues/suppliers for you to consider and choose from to confirm the one you feel is best directly with the venue but please cc copy us on your correspondence so that we know which venue/s you confirmed or declined.

Step 6: We would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding your experience of the following to help us improve our own performance as well helping us to evaluate & grade 3rd party suppliers such as venues, activities, transport, facilitators & activities etc.

  1. Evaluation Feedback on this site and our service
  2. Evaluation Feedback on referred venues / 3rd party suppliers

Step 7: Lastly just to say that we rely entirely on honesty from all parties to please come back to this site for all your future and repeat enquiries / bookings. This is especially so as our service comes FREE of charge to all our users so it does not cost you anything to do this for us but is the only way we can track what venues owe us.

We do our best to list & refer great ….

Camps/Venues:     Most appropriately sourced to your preferred regions, budget & standards.

Activities / Programmes: Team building, leadership, fun & adventure,  curriculum the possibilities are endless tailor made on request.

Facilitation           Well trained and experienced guides / facilitators / counsellors.

Catering               The venues aim to have group needs in mind regarding balanced nutritious, filling, varied meals.

Transport            Reliable, insured companies

INDEMNITY: USERS – We cannot guarantee how many venues will respond to your request if any at all. Please note that we try our best to send referrals to venues we know, evaluated and have built a good relationship with over time  where possible are tried and tested. Your choice of venue is entirely up to you and therefore at your own risk. You are welcome or advised to view venues & meet suppliers for yourself by site visit to the property and doing your own research before making your choice and confirming a booking. Therefore Class Act Reservations cannot take any responsibility for loss, damage, injury, death, disappointment or problems whatsoever that may be encountered at any venue or with any organisation and it’s staff that is referred by Class Act Reservations. The same applies whether we have or have not yet previously used or seen new venues / suppliers of all kinds.

SUPPLIERS: Likewise, venues & other suppliers such but not limited to transport companies whom we refer clients to. You confirm bookings directly with referred clients at your and their own discretion and risk therefore Class Act Reservations cannot be held responsible or liable for any issues with their clients such as but not limited to, non arrival, non payment or any other damages or grievances what so ever between 3rd party supplier and referred client.

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