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Dear Venue Owner/ Manager

Class Act Reservations is a growing concern. Having begun our first site South Africa  (New Tab) in the new millennium,  we are now going global and so with the launch of this new .com site, we would like to invite camp venues from across the world to have a venue page here with us .

As specialists marketing Group Camp Venues generating enquiries for quotes to your venue, let us help you market your camp no matter where in the world you are.

Your Class Act  venue page on this site will be easily found by organisations such as Schools, Churches, Corporate and Private Groups looking to book group camps so we are looking forward to hearing from you and getting your venue/s found & seen here on our group camp venue portal so that we can send your more referrals leading to more confirmed booking soon. The more international venues we list across the globe, the more traffic from international inbound clients and agents searching online will find your page.

Forth coming development phases to expect on this site will include …

  • Database development enabling auto forwarding to your address for those who request your venue by code.
  • Client and Venue profile access giving you access to make your own edit and updates such as annual price changes etc.
  • Affiliate membership and traffic / enquiries / bookings
  • We soon hope to develop means of automating online visibility of venue space availability & if possible bookings.
  • The sky is the limit so the more the site grows and enquiries generated, the more we can make possible but we are glad to have made this start.

Our site for South Africa (New Tab) is also be linked to this site.


  1. There is not fees charged for membership subscription for that comes to your free therefore no risk.
  2. You only pay us a marketing / referral / finders fee % of booking on your confirmed paid up bookings.
  3. We are inviting venues to have a page to help attract attention to your specific venue for which we only charge a once off fee of only £25 (GBP) / page just to cover webmasters time to create, link & SEO your page/s.
  4. You may have more than one page for various types of accommodation or various camps / sites / venues.
  5. We rely on your honesty to cc copy us on the status of each booking, confirmed bookings and referral fee due.

I hope you like what you see and are welcome to like / share and there is space for you to blog and comment at the bottom of all pages which will be greatly appreciated to get the site visibility growing online, attracting traffic that will benefit us all!

If you would like to join-up, your submission of the application form below gives your agreement and consent to the above terms otherwise don’t hesitate to contact me on OUR CONTACT PAGE 

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Photos: Remember to email us up to maximum of 15 photos of the following which you would like in your venue page. (Preferably pre-sized to 228 x 164)
• Examples of accommodation-interior and exterior
• ablutions
• activities equipment and people in action
• facilities
• grounds/gardens
• views of and from the property
• photos of surrounding areas of interest would be good too.
• NB: Please tell us which photograph you would like for your intro which will also show on your filtered search summary.

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Hoping to have you on board and increase your referrals / bookings / bums in beds / many happy returns and of course your bottom line profits!
All the best
John Lawrenson